Madden NFL 22's players have had to deal with an awful bug since game's launch Mut 22 coins. Exactly what the cause of the problem is remains unknown. However, the end result is extremely clear. Users will attempt accessing their football team's franchise in Franchise mode and it won't launch. No matter what they do either reinstalling Madden NFL 22 making the second (or the third) save, it won't be able to work. The save files of the teams in their Franchise mode will be corrupted and useless.

The reason this mistake is particularlly unacceptable is that"Franchise mode" in Madden is supposed to be the area where players can get a long, uninterrupted football experience. Franchises are able to have many seasons throughout the years, only to have their saves become corrupted in the blink of an eye. They'll lose their entire progress and have no other option but to start over.

Electronic Arts has acknowledged that the issue is there. The fix is working on, though there isn't currently a timetable of when this fix is expected to be announced. EA community manager Blueberry responded to a post to EA's official bug report forum that stated that their development team was working on the issue.

Given that there are some reports that this bug dates back at least to Madden NFL 22, it's disappointing that it took this many years for the issue be fixed. At the very least it seems that EA has been paying close attention buy mut coins. It's not clear if players will receive their saved games back or if they'll have to start all over again.